For more news, views and reviews on all aspects of the truck Â. Scania’s new AMT range comes with a selection of newly-developed PTO solutions to fulfil a wide variety of tasks.  A total of nine PTO options will be available, characterised by increased performance, less drag losses and great flexibility via modularity. The EMS interacts with the Aftertreatment Management System (AMS). A major difference between them is that the 770 horsepower V8 is based on the same, updated platform as the rest of the new V8 range. The four models are available in variants of 530, 590, 660 and a record 770 horsepower; the new engines deliver significant fuel savings of up to 6 percent when combined with Scania’s new gearbox range . Choose between 530 hp, 590 hp, 660 hp or 770 hp outputs. Transit and Tourneo take 2020’s best-sellers’ top spot, Lloyds backs Mandata purchase of Stirling to bring the best of technology to the road haulage industry, Ford’s innovative ‘guard mode’ for vans provides remote, real-time security alerts in crime fight-back, Altrad enhances fleet safety by turning to technology, Call for coach operators to be included in new business support package. The Scania V8 is the high performance benchmark and is also famous for class-leading power and endless torque. Westward Scania can tailor a V8 truck to suit your particular transport needs. Â, “The team’s assignment was to develop gearboxes that could handle all the diverse demands of the next decade, especially in fuel consumption, drivability and sustainability. Out on the road this week, look out for more on this in the Dec issue of T&D which is a “V8 Special”. to reduce internal losses, especially since we also wanted to extend main­tenance intervals and strengthening durability. With its output of 770 horsepower it replaces the previous highest output model which provided 730 horsepower. Available in variants of 530, 590, 660 and a record 770 horsepower, the new engines deliver significant fuel savings of up to 6 percent when combined with Scania’s new gearbox range (see release 20-21). “Not only are they lighter and more efficient, but they also contribute to the distinctive V8 sound that so many Scania customers and V8 fans appreciate. Among them, and provided by more than 70 new components, are re­duced internal friction, higher compression ratios, improved aftertreatment-systems and a new powerful Engine Management System (EMS).  In accordance with the fuel savings, the new engines offer a corresponding reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide. The T&D Awards winners are included, along with a 12 page supplement on the IVECO S-WAY. The EG (gearbox) PTOs are driven directly by the layshaft and are pressure-lubricated by the gearbox. I am proud to say that we have managed to reconcile these somewhat conflicting objectives”. In addition to the increases in power, the new engines deliver fuel savings of up to 6 percent when combined with Scania’s new gearbox range and cruising back axle ratios. “A typical long-distance truck in Europe covers around 150,000 kilometres per year,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Scania’s Executive Vice Presi­dent, Head of Sales and Marketing. – and the new range-topping 770 horsepower variant is sure to raise the aspirational bar even higher.”. “Here the biggest difference is evident,” says Lindh. The company acknowledges that renewable fuels and electrification is the future but there’s at least another 10 years left for the internal combustion engine and diesel fuel too, it says. “Our AMTs will support our customers in fulfilling their transportation tasks in a seamless and sustainable way for many years to come.”, © Copyright 2020.  Four different ratios will be available and the output tower is  possible to mount in three different positions.     Â, “All-in-all, we have every reason to believe that our new gearbox range is state-of- the-art for powerful truck engines,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing at Scania. Scania is promising fuel savings of up to 6% from its new range of V8 engines and new gearbox. Click below to consent to the use of this technology and the processing of your personal data for these purposes. EK (flywheel-driven) PTOs will consist of a separate unit, mounted between the engine and the gearbox.  With its benchmark capabilities, the new AMT range has been designed to ensure Scania’s successful, low-rev and fuel-efficient powertrains maintain their premium standing within the transport industry over the coming decade. This was accomplished through polishing some of the gears, by using low viscosity manual transmission fluid (MTF) oil and by setting aside the lion’s share of the oil in a separate, dry sump-like part on top of the gearbox. The new V8 engine range is available in variants of 530, 590, 660 and 770hp, and deliver fuel savings of up to 6% when combined with Scania’s new G33CM Opticruise gearbox, according to the company.

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