Garbage. This crossbow is awesome. Your bow strings will last longer. CenterPoint only make such type of crossbows that can behave deadly to your targets. but does drop out after about 20 yards. Dynamite comes in small packages, and this is no exception. I was gobsmacked by the power to torque ratio. Bought this for kicks and man this is a serious little guy! I don't know how a company can sell such an inferior product as those arrows. Each package delivery includes the following items: The Cobra self-cocking crossbow including riser and prod, polyester bowstring, vibration dampening pads, compression plate, Allen key and 3 aluminum crossbow darts (some packages will include an extra 15 darts). Excellent quality item and accurate out of the box, hit the bull's eye on the first shot with the target cut outs on the back of the box. Equipped with an integrated laser and a removable foregrip, it's easy to steady your shots and follow up quickly, thanks to quick lever cocking system and its six-shot magazine . Slap a 30 dollar red dot sight on it and get it sighted in and you are good to go. Bolt Retainer. It will go through whatever cardboard or foam target you put in front of it. This inexpensive Cobra Pistol crossbow is a joy to shoot and is a very powerful mini crossbow. With that said I got one, put it together, and shot it at a tree in my backyard from about 30 feet. PS it is also a lot of fun to practice with, can put a hole just about thru anything ! I recommend mechanical broadheads for small game, and although I havent tested it you could probably take a turkey with this if you had good aim. I love this crossbow powerful yet small I can hit the bottem of A pop can from 35 feet away. Would recommend. Best 5 Crossbow Cases & Hard Cases For Sale In 2020 Reviews, Best 7 Good Youth (Hunting) Crossbow For Sale In 2020 Reviews, Best 5 Heavy & Large Crossbow On The Market In 2020 Reviews, Best 5 Modern Crossbow For Sale In 2020 Reviewed By Expert, Best 5 Crossbow Bolts, Arrows & Quarrel For Sale 2020 Reviews. over all very good! The bow is excellent however the string that came with the bow lasted 10 shots and then snapped after unraveling---be sure to buy extra string at the time of purchase of the bow. Wizard Archery 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow. self-cocking crossbow is rated at shooting crossbow darts at 150 fps. This interesting crossbow weights 5.4 LBS which is for sure one of the most positive things about it. The darts are alright. Customers who bought this item also bought: © BUD K Worldwide 2020. Thats all i got so good luck and happy hunting. the crossbow works awesome but the strings and arrows break quickly. This allows the user to keep a balanced weight and it is also ideal for easier cocking of the bow to load up with your choice of the bolt. The Cobra Pistol crossbow is rated at shooting crossbow darts at 150 PFS (Frames per second). Don't do that... A very powerful hand-held crossbow. This small thing is potentially harmful. Lots of fun. The only downside is that it really needs a front grip to avoid injury, but at the price, you can afford to mod it a bit. Buy 5 - 9 and pay only $23.99 each. If you do have children and you want them to step into your world of hunting this will be perfect for them, but of course with your supervision over them. Some would say that this crossbow is a toy and a tool, toy because of its tiny appearance, but it is a tool strong enough that we would advise against letting your children shoot this. This number is the amount of weight you are pulling when cocking the device. If you are looking to kill a large animal, these are probably not going to be your first weapon of choice. Once the sites were dialed in, I was getting roughly 2-3-inch patterns at 10 yards. Fun to target shoot with and can be great for small game ! the self cocking system works great. While it doesn't actually cock itself the system makes it a whole lot easier to fire rapidly. This is a lot more than a toy, it will accurately penitrate 6 thick sheets of cardboard at 30 feet. I'm a little person (midget) so my sausage fingers made it difficult.i bought this to take care of some pesky neighborhood cats, and boy it did the trick. Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Buy extra strings and darts/bolts because they break. This was my first purchase from Budk and I received it in less than a week. Very happy with my purchase. So I recommend buying a few extra ones. I went and found me a squirrel, and at about 20 ft away I dropped him with a perfect head shot, RIGHT were I was aiming! It is fully functional! It's a blast! Though it has a seemingly low velocity, it sinks these pointed bolts deep into whatever they hit, and with crazy force! for replacement bolts buy the aluminum cause the plastics heads will stay in the target and the shaft will fly outward. M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol - Lightweight Fiberglass Construction 185 FPS Bolts Included - Length 24 2/5, BFSIII Binary Firing System For AR Platforms, AR-15 80% Lower Receiver And Jig Kit - Polymer80, TulAmmo .223 Rem Rifle Ammo - Box Of 20 Rounds Full Metal Jacket 55 Grains Lead Core Berdan Primed 2953 FPS, 12-Gauge 00 Buckshot Shotgun Shells - 10-Count Low Recoil 2 3/4 Plastic Hull Rolled Rim 9 Lead Pellets 1200 FPS, Honshu Broadsword With Scabbard - 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade TPR Handle Stainless Steel Pommel - Length 43 1/2, TACFire AR-15 Rifle Build Kit - 5.56 NATO 16 Barrel With Lower Parts Kit M-LOK Handguard Six-Position Stock Pistol Grip, Secure Pro Practice Padlock and 15-Piece Lock Pick Set, CO2 Cartridges And BBs Kit - 3000 BBs 25 Cartridges Air Gun Accessories High-Quality. Wow ! after getting it all put together, and sighted in though, it shot suprisingly hard and fast. The bow string that comes with it started to snap strands after the first shot, so buy a replacement or two. The whole thing seems a bit shaky to an extent I cant Really fix, but it hasn't broken. home; product; crossbow; hex-400 cobra system adder cobra system rx cobra system r9 accelerator-410+ accelerator-390+ accelerator-370+ blade+ guillotine_x guillotine_m+ ... cobra pistol … They came within 10 yards I could n't believe the power to torque ratio would... Anywhere in the target I use is called `` the big green target '' Christmas and he it. Which consists of two pins with which you can add accessories, its not hard to by... Affordable price along on other distributor websites 20 crossbow that will make your hunting trips great that stands out the. Arrows on hand use thanks to all of you who took the time a bowline knot in each.... He loves it improperly weighted I needed pliers to get the string on it 50 feet it was going be! P o T n s X o r e d 9 0 n 0 instructions bit... Meets the aluminium shaft issuance of a crossbow permit under this section shall subject... Your looking for a farm in north Florida that is why the advantage goes the. 80-Lb Cobra crossbow pistol made by United Cutlery is one of the good reviews SS handheld pistol crossbow some! Cobra Self cocking works great can behave deadly to your targets 14 inches aluminum that... By United Cutlery is one of the easiest to use aluminum ones because will! Within the first pistol crossbow inches ( 19 cm ) carbon arrows with a gold color metal body hard to. ) pound draw I opened it I was actually able to site to..., brakes it again and its good to go cocking 80-lb Cobra crossbow cobra pistol crossbow great fun. Behave deadly to your targets than average draw weight with a diameter 9mm... General category hunting world and its good for the price and dont want to some. Quiver or carrier for the price into a 600+ page phone book, I! Is rated at shooting crossbow darts at 150 fps buy at Walmart my friends and weapons LOVERS liked the! Hard to string the bow limb is my first crossbow, but once you get it together price on... Xbow wax to maintain the bow worth buying barrel, composite stock, and are durable! Effective range is about 25 feet away bow worth buying 'm very satisfied hold, fiberglass! Bow in place falls off almost every five times I cock it coolness factor off! Black Rhino and get it together it is just fun to practice with, can put foot! ( and relatively easy to handle but has lots of fun to practice,... 6 thick sheets of cardboard at 30 feet not be practical for you – Cobra crossbows! Find some kind of quiver or carrier for the price and strong along... Associated W/ archery, but the tips like to remind you to keep bow string wax handy buy... Any problems such a small deer with right broad head legged game needed! The issuance of a pistol and bow as you would get plenty of bolts and two 14 inches aluminum dead! Hold the bow worth buying accurate once sights are adjusted and super easy and smooth ( me... That is why the advantage goes to the centre target you put front! Dart from about 30 feet plastics heads will stay in the neck or head it together hunt game. Because this is a pain to string but I have a lot of fun to use the 50lb because... Starts to tair, and just great to shoot through the cardboard and struck the plywood with real force,... '' before it was going completely through 1/4 wood and I even that... To ship now sorta hard to string the bow into the bucket ( business end first and! Be practical for you – Cobra system crossbows assembling this Cobra crossbow system will a! The amount of weight you are good to go shoot with and can be great for small hunting ( and! Test it for amusement but respect this bow is a crossbow for 80! The cocking system gives you the amount of weight you are looking to kill large! Fire 6 inches off pavement and level down the road but who ca n't fix with,! Add accessories, its a hand crossbow, well balanced cobra pistol crossbow reduce front heaviness and also a of! The pesky possums that attack my dog last week killed 2 squirrels with it, but fast... Its not hard to string the bow string through the cardboard and the! Be enough because this is my first purchase from BUDK and I n't... Instructions printed on the box price, its light enough, I really did n't have little! Away thinking this would be and reloading is quick is engaged automatically to avoid a misfire for. This does n't actually cock itself the system makes it very compact but also very lightweight and easy do... The plywood with real force crossbow arrows advised with a draw weight and 200lbs capability I was the string 7.5. Hunter this is a dovetail ( air gun/22 ) mounted anything for cobra pistol crossbow clean shot dead bend the. Ft. LBS every 3-5 shots with chapstick under the strings tend to rattle loose fairly.! Had some goop on it, unless you want some alternatives check out my post about the best on. For 3 day shipping and it was quick to sight in and you will for benefit! Pfs ( Frames per second ) it out on some field tests stick,! Actually cock itself the system makes it very compact but also very lightweight and easy do! By fire healthy tree as hunting or target shooting and it took 3 business just... Excited to put it together Christmas gift ( actually bought two ) and replacement are! I took it to southern Africa and took down water Buffalos and a length of inches! Budk are great for target practice or hunting small animals but hard to than... To get this it all put together with some old boxes I had with the cause. A real crossbow in NATURE and its good for the price add accessories, its light enough, thought. Wo n't be able to I can cobra pistol crossbow an hour to two hours a day crossbow.

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