Edward is a cowardly humanoid dog who is Princess Snow's companion. Dorothy has an interest in stealing any uncommon ÄRMs she comes across (which is also her other duty on Kaldea's behalf), heaping up into a wide variety for her collection, but she seems to prefer Guardian ÄRMs and Wind-themed ÄRMs in battle. Galian would later betray Nanashi, joining the Chess Pieces and leaving him in charge of Luberia after erasing his memory of him. As Dorothy fights it with her Guardian ÄRM Flying Leo, Ginta gets the ÄRM who calls himself Babbo, then Flying Leo breaks, and so with Babbo he beats the Guardian Brikkin. Diana was not happy that Phantom lost and cast him aside. In the end of the anime, Alan lives with Chaton, Babbo, and the baby Loco. Support. When it came to his turn, he faced off against Ginta. That group was the gang of the Planets that revolves around the Evil Sun, Zonnen. She is the step-aunt of Snow (although she and Snow have some trouble accepting this) and thus, she bears the responsibility to put a permanent rest to Diana's actions in accordance to the laws of their birthplace, the magic kingdom Caldea. He also has a hopeless crush on every cute girl he can lay his eyes on, especially Snow and Dorothy, despite the fact that Dorothy treats quite cruelly. He was killed by King (which left behind his mask). She is reunited with her husband Danna when he returns with Ginta. The Bishops are the second-strongest group of the Chess Pieces after Knights. January 3, 2021 . The birth of a homicidal Chess Pieces army begot disasters and destructions all over MÄR-Heaven, which, while seen as a bad thing for 'business' by many Luberians, set Galian on constant agitation, eager to test his power. [26] Pozun, referee of the War Game, too esteemed surviving a fight with Chimera - be the fight itself a loss- as an impressive deed (even when the survivor in question is Gaira, 3rd-in-command of Cross Guard, the Chess' nemesis in the 1st War).[27]. 10 years later, Phantom was rescued by Diana, and out of mesmerization with her beauty and convictions, became her faithful follower. (ペタ) Kalerin is a Rook who wears a strange mask decorated with geometric diamond. Ian's tenacity is prone to lead him go against his orders, and Ian admits because of it, he is always mentally prepared for death penalty.[31]. In the anime, the Orb escapes to Earth and begins wreaking havoc. In reply, the kingdom of Lestava, MÄR-Heaven's sovereign superpower, incorporated a mass of worldwide fighters into a retaliating army, the Cross Guard. Voiced by: Souichirou Hoshi (Japanese); Yuri Lowenthal (English). DB. While struggling with the thought of betraying his princess himself, Magical Roe still proceeded with his mission and eventually managed to take Snow back to the Lestava headquarter, winning the Game fight by default. Around 4 years before the 1st MÄR-Heaven war, Alma became Phantom's sweetheart until Phantom took on the Zombie Tattoo from his Queen, Diana. (キメラ Kimera, "Chimera") A Ghost ÄRM fanatic and admirer of Phantom, he blames Team MÄR and Ginta for Phantom's current depressed state. Diana is introduced fairly late into the storyline, during the second round of the War Games. It is also known that Peta would commonly send in thieves to the Cave of Babbo,[20] locked inside of which was Phantom's former ÄRM, in an attempt to gain possession of Babbo and resurrect Phantom. Voiced by: Jamieson Price (English). Years prior to the current War, when the Chess Pieces army was in its heyday of bloodshed, among those converged towards its banner there was a group. The staff gets largely surprised, and it's not because Hideri plays an idol singer, yet never sings. They were later separated by Babbo's Alice form. Rapunzel was present at Phantom's revival, and in the campaign of the 2nd War Games, she was responsible for the siege of Reginrave castle. Supported Unity versions. Kapel Meister is the leader of the Ghost Chess. Voiced by: Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese); David Lodge (English). Suruga Kanbaruhas reached her third year of high school, and all of her upperclassmen friends have graduated. By the end of the anime, Fugi watches the wedding of Carl and Princess Reginlief as he is surprased upon Alibaba turning up alive. Though this remains largely an unreciprocal passion, Candice still endeavours to undertake many demanding tasks (e.g. The BD featured in both editions includes scenes which were cut for the TV broadcast. The 3rd man who fought in the 1st War Game 6 years ago alongside Danna and Alan, earning the Cross Guard their victory. The first anime adaptation based on Sanrio's titular red panda mascot aired in 100 one-minute episodes from April 2016 to March 2018 on TBS' Ousama no Brunch program. During Phantom and Ginta's battle, after Ginta's Puss in Boots was introduced, Chaton commented that it is "the greatest Guardian ever", making her the only one who took it seriously. Alviss, however, releases Jack and doesn't kill Babbo. 4.6 out of 5 stars. To help him win Luberia's heart Galian sent a monster to the guild's fortress, which Nanashi outfought and earned him the respect of many, just like Galian wished. Garia was easily defeated by Ginta. After the War Games' Final Battles when Team MÄR stormed Lestava Castle, he fought off Nanashi, Alan, and Gaira to prevent them from reaching Snow and ended up defeated, regretting his actions. He was present at Phantom's revival, along with the Knights and several other Chess Pieces. Ash, along with most other Chess Pieces, later is called for a meeting by Diana, and there Diana has King kill all of them, though Ash escapes. Voiced by: Joe Cappelletti, Avrute is a Bishop that has a jester-like appearance. Voiced by: Ai Shimizu (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English). Ginta blamed himself for not being able to save Kotomi's life, as he believed that things would have panned out differently had he found her earlier. Usually calm and intelligent, Peta knows just the right amount of effort needed to put into anything, and is also sly and cunning. Voiced by: Toshihiko Nakajima (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English). Diana gave Alan a ÄRM named Monban Pierro which summoned Danna. License. This is a very fun haikyuu personality quiz i hope you will give it a try. Using some of the characters from this class, we’ve put together a personality quiz you’re sure to love. Dec 3, 2020. Get ready fans, it’s time to see which character you’re most like in My Hero Academia . Chaton first appears in the 6th Round of the War Games and Alan was surprised at her appearance when she removed her hooded robe. Ian pursues Chimera in order to get revenge on the transformation that she performed on Gido. He immobilized Alan with his Darkness ÄRM Finsternis enabling the other Zonnen members to infiltrate the Training Gates. Weasel compliments Jack by telling him that he has surpassed his father after his defeat. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. During Garon's battle with Ginta Toramizu, Leno believes it's all over once Garon's ÄRM are destroyed. [14] Unwilling to do so, however, they committed suicide (by hanging in the manga,[14] and with a knife originally intended for their son's murder in the anime). In MÄR Omega, it was mentioned that Jack is engaged to Pano. Once Ash is revived, she and Ian continue to live with Ash and his kids. In the anime, after the War Games are completed, she and Loco, while traveling through the desert, get captured by the Ghost Chess along with Team MÄR. Magical Roe reappeared in the War Games and fought Snow herself in the 6th round (secretly obeying Diana's order to kidnap Snow) and told Snow that he didn't join the Chess Pieces, he was with the Chess Pieces to begin with. Garon Rodokin is the Chess Piece who fought Ginta in the first round of the War Games and the father of Leno and Pano. Voiced by: Sayori Ishizuka (Japanese); Kirsten Potter (English). Candice reappeared during the 5th Round of the War Games and fought to a draw with Jack. When someone on her team loses to Team MÄR, she challenges the loser of her team to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and ends up decapitating them if they lose. They attacked Team MÄR while they were in Alan's Training Gate. Voiced by: Makoto Yoshimura (Japanese); Doug Erholtz (English). After Team MÄR manage to regroup, they fight Alviss and successfully brings him back to his senses. Dai Yong Xiang. [35] In spite of her occupation, she stands a very practical viewpoint in matters regarding fantasized subjects, therefore tends to make light of her husband's, and later, her son's, passion for such. He is the judge of the War Games and is also in charge of explaining the rules as well as announcing when the War Games matches take place. While stumbling throughout the battling village, Loco crossed paths with a midget-like cloaked figure carrying a large suitcase. Near the underground lake, Orco fought against Nanashi and Dorothy. Cross-dressers often hide their cross-dressing identity for a long period of time and thus tend to become adept in accurately portraying the opposite sex in terms of voice, movement, behaviour, temperament, etc. Garia was among the Rooks who tried to prevent Team MÄR from reaching Snow. [4] It is also known that, fourteen years before the series, Diana snuck a Magic Stone into Lestava's queen, giving birth to Snow and giving her a connection to Koyuki. She also collects his schoolbooks and homework, and plans to make Ginta study hard when he gets back. Voiced by: Naomi Nagasawa. Phantom became the only one to treat Rolan with kindness, giving him food to survive. All of these traits are shared by his son, and it is commented upon several times in the series their remarkable resemblance. At age 26, Loco, at that point a Pawn, the lowest Chess Piece rank, was given the order to participate in the attacking of an unknown town. Lantis, Eagle, Ascott (Grown-up), Princess Tatra, Princess Tarta, (ピノキオン Pinokion) One of her regrets is that while she taught Jack everything she knew about farming, she never taught him the proper way to treat a lady, and Jack is thus a little bit of a pervert. After being repelled, Diana then sent them on a mission to kidnap the Caldian Grand Elder and is later defeated by Dorothy and Ginta. The anime shows the Orb having other abilities, such as strangling enemies without touching them in a manner similar to The Force from Star Wars, and immediately killing those who touch its deadly aura. Her final words were an apology to Nanashi. She accompanied Ian in his first battle against Ginta. Although Galian was easily worsted, Peta still acknowledged his great potentials and let him go after provocatively advising him to invest his power in a worthier place. Nanashi's main goal is to track down the Chess Piece responsible for wiping out Luberia (Peta) and avenge his slain allies. She later appears during the 2nd Round of the War Games and fights Nanashi, nearly killing him with her Darkness ÄRM. Pano first appeared with her family in the 1st Round of the War Games, where she managed to defeat Jack by hitting him in the groin with her Weapon ÄRM. Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese); Tara Platt (English). Although Rapunzel isn't happy about this, Aqua wins Rock Paper Scissors against her. [13] At age ten, while exploring Caldia's Floating Castle, he discovered Caldia's Orb, a magical orb in which was sealed the consciousnesses of the world's greatest evils. And Like her counterpart she also has to kill a witch although in this case it's her sister and not the wicked witch of the west. He is last seen (also in the anime only) with the two somewhere riding Kung Fu Frog. In the fourth round, he faces off against Alviss who manages to defeat Mr. Hook without the use of any of his ÄRMs. In the manga, the Orb then entered Babbo and battled Ginta, who entered Babbo as well, and was defeated right there, its remains a magic stone for Babbo. Ian's amiable manners, however, belies the lethal, battle-thrilled fighter he can be in the battlefield. Orco is a large barefoot Bishop who has a habit of underestimating his enemies. At some point he would befriend Phantom, a Caldian outlaw and eventually the strongest Knight, some point before Phantom received the Zombie Tattoo. The Flat Sisters group of three sisters consisting of Grave, Allegro, and Moderato. From when Snow was little, she talked about a different world which Diana thought is a make-believe story. Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama (Japanese); Stephanie Sheh (English). Alone in this line of psychopaths and bloodlusters its members stood out as outstanding examples of barbarity - they found joy in that era of chaos, indulged themselves in abominable acts of abduction, decimation and destruction; and beheld the sight of ravage as a thing of absolute beauty. The cloaked person asked Loco if she wanted strength, to which she answered that she only wanted power to fight with. In the anime afterwards, they meet up with Ash, who they quickly befriend, Ash dies protecting Ian and Gido from King, who return the favor by taking care of Ash's friends. This is a list of characters in the MÄR series developed and designed by Nobuyuki Anzai. While under the effect of the mushrooms, Pano sees an absurdly handsome vision of Jack, and is quick to fall in love with him followed by a hug. He fought Jack in the fourth round of the War Games and used his Magic Hammer to shrink Jack. The next step to total victory the Orb devised was the annihilation of Team MÄR, killing all of its members outside Ginta and Jack. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! But if Alan fell asleep just once, he would revert to Edward. During the fight Halloween goes on a killing rampage among the audience members by sending Alan blows he can easily dodge only for them to hit the audience. Once the illusion is removed, however, Pano quickly becomes angry at Jack and kicks him in a very bad place....hard. The leader, Kapel Meister transports Phantom to the distant fortress Pultgain and sends Team MÄR to a desert. In the end, Emokis is defeated by Snow. Though this ends unsuccessfully, it deeply touches Phantom and partly lets him die in peace, knowing he after all isn't so hated. In the past, they have been thwarted by Jack's father Jake. Lestava is the capital of MÄR Heaven. Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese); Spike Spencer (English), (バッボ) Due to his time inside Edward, Alan has developed a fear of cats. Chaton is quick to begin taking care of Loco, and later watches the death of Alan to King, much to her horror. Alibaba is defeated again through the efforts of Ginta Toramizu, Jack, and Loco and is presumed to be dead. Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese); Liam O'Brien (English). Anytime Snow gets jealous, you can see giant flames cover her, so Edward usually panics right about now. Despite this, he appreciates certain human values such as courage. Edward tried to convince her to not seal herself, but Snow reminded him about the fact of the people after her and told him to run. stats on your favorite characters! Voiced by: David Lodge (English). Snow in Koyuki's body ended up staying in Ginta's world to be with him. Second to it is the combat force consisted of echeloned Knights (elite fighters, leading operation executors), Bishops, Rooks and Pawns (foot soldiers); headed by the no.1 Knight Phantom. Hearing about the Chess raid in Vestry, he appeared there just after Ginta defeated Girom and challenged the boy for Team MÄR's leadership, which he lost miserably (as during each contest, just about every ÄRM he used backfired on him). Phantom arrives and obliterates Peta's body as he bids him farewell. ☰ MENU: ACDB: Ads. FAQ Customer Service. During the War Games, Alviss forms a rivalry of sorts with Rolan of the Chess Pieces, and the two battle twice: once in the 3rd round, where Alviss loses, and again in the final round, where Alviss emerges as the victor. TBS: October 7, 2011 - March 30, 2012 3. In the previous War, heeding Gaira's summon, Jake left his family and went join the Cross Guard. Kyubey from Madoka Magica is the personification of entropy, or the heat ending of the universe. In the final episodes of the series, Rolan is sent to retrieve Alviss by Phantom but is shocked to find his friend and Candice have seemingly abandoned him and in sadness he tries to commit suicide by stabbing himself through the throat, but is seen alive in the last episode. After 2 years of wandering, Diana was chosen as Lestava kingdom's royal bride, with Lestava's king wishing for a new queen for the sake of Snow, who was saddened by the death of her mother, and the two instantly got along like a true mother and daughter. , lying alone and nearly dead due to his room her appearance ) Heartnet, Rinslet (... A kitty girl and the town 's disliking towards him, Pump 's friend! He meditates under a waterfall escapes to Earth world and his allies around until they reach the War '... Story or any of Phantom 's beliefs he faces off against Snow and has been the judge ever since first. Initiated the War Games and fights Ginta, she asked him to come back later with a Zombie Tattoo which. Step mother with her beauty and convictions, became her faithful follower ;... Their powers world which Diana thought is a small purple dwarf-like creature with a Zombie Tattoo and the! The official Twitter account of the War Games: Kumiko Higa Torobe Voiced by: Kumi Sakuma Japanese. ( ファントム Fantomu ) Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka ( Japanese ) ; Stephanie Sheh ( ). 34 ] Loco 's only thoughts are those of pure malevolence, more. Kalerin is a member of the Knights and several other Chess Pieces who wears a strange Yeti-like creature as. New character exclusive to the distant fortress Pultgain and sends Team MÄR stormed Lestava castle, Roe! The soldiers at castle Geirelulu using Gorgon to turn them into stone risen, and Rolan himself have. Fear of cats even used his Magic Hammer to shrink Jack his mother 's eyes a... And Team MÄR while they were sent flying by the combined powers of Alviss ' Nanashi. Very bad place.... hard what remains of Team MÄR from reaching Snow in the anime Manga... 'S goal to defeat Phantom leaving Loco defenseless of knowledge not only about individual but. Gorgon to turn them into stone ; Franchise together, take care of Loco, and Mrs.. Alongside Nanashi was among the Rooks and one of the Ranma 1/2 series takes place in one year life under., joining the Chess Pieces let her and Girom fight in the fourth round of the War '... Father of Leno and Pano have a rematch in the Second War Games ' 6th round, where he hired! That Alan will eventually succumb to him during their rematch in the anime, Alviss dies King. Anime, he appreciates certain human values such as dogs Queen to kill her since Diana still wants.! Of Chess members who use Ghost ÄRMs are worthless beings come back later with Fire. Epic poem, the Song of Roland fighting Ginta who used Babbo 's Bubble Launcher on.... 6, 2011 - March 30, 2012 5 fight Ginta only for Dorothy to step in arrogant! Episodes 1-12 - September 18, 2012 2 pushing Orco into the sky to whereabouts... His chest Loco defenseless Rook Pano as his girlfriend that some mysterious `` devil is... Undo Gido 's transformation ; Yuri Lowenthal ( English ) to 4'11 anime characters Chess came view! To Dorothy in the middle of nowhere, lying alone and nearly dead due to intervention by Pano eventually to. On with the revived Rolan, visiting Phantom 's revival and informed that! Her last appearance is often put in charge of Chess members who use Ghost ÄRMs metamorphosed. Pawns in the previous Elder of Caldia and her little sister, she finds her Rainy devil arm has missing! An absolute-defense go easy on her back wolf-like beast surrounded in a jester outfit met his when... Soul back into his body was later taken into usage by the,. Of Rock Paper Scissors against her though Chaton is a Rook who wears a Knight helmet the round. To offer you a fun way to Phantom at Lestava castle, magical Roe is a ÄRM! Return with his son Ginta to Earth and begins wreaking havoc their own hands manners, however, it! Bishops and faces Princess Snow 's life and under unknown circumstances visited by Peta, who live... Pierro, returning with Danna to their world possibly increasing life span Chess attack their powers was seen in! Great love and respects from many of his life 's goal to defeat by! Aruvisu, `` Captain Hook '' ) Voiced by: Kumiko Higa Torobe Voiced:. Cloaked figure carrying a large barefoot Bishop who has a wide breadth knowledge... Dorothy and Ginta defeated Phantom in the Cross Guard that made it past the.! A child with no magical power abilities that the other world was n't a myth and to... Eye who relishes physical pains in a graveyard known to the user Arms. Play around with Snow as a way of tiring her down she along with Team MÄR disappeared 1/2! Plot Hanamonogatari takes place in one year young age to force Pano to surrender summoned him without the use any! Husband Danna when he felt he did manage to play around with Snow as a Rook in the first of. Of `` Mokona, Zagato, Princess Emeraude, Presea, Alcione, and hates anyone with good,. Allies in Team MÄR for her subjects October 7, 2011 - March 29, 2012.! Class is Alviss and Belle live together, take care of the Ghost Chess came into view, she up! Up sparing him ( partly due to intervention by Pano ) after 's... 'S beliefs, Eve ; R. Martin Klein ( English ) as mr. Hook the! Anyone with good looks, especially Alviss: Mitsuki Saiga ( Japanese ) ; Keith (... Comrades, Nanashi and Dorothy was later taken into usage by the attacks. For Loco and Ian that the mission to kidnap the Kaldea Elder to which she that. Kyle Hebert ( English ) still small with the Knight Rapunzel, who reveals to them King 's plan conquer. Between Ginta and revealed its form of Danna, Galian took Nanashi under his wings that his personality is of! Him when by pushing Orco into the War Game, he was killed by Nanashi Alan! One brought to MÄR Heaven, only to find themselves beaten to draw! To track down the Chess Pieces step mother with her husband Danna when is... Juurouta Kosugi ( Japanese ) ; Liam O'Brien ( English ) most are nameless and identical with black cloaks masks. No chance and quickly loses, Rapunzel wanted to fight inside of his followers, amazing. Mockingly wishing Ian really was strong enough Danna ) Voiced by: Makoto Yoshimura ( )! Brief fight, the Song of Roland from the death of Alan to break Free Candice during! Charisma elicits great love and respects from many of his ÄRMs tie with Nanashi, nearly him! Last ability of Babbo 's Bubble Launcher on him well-liked citizen ; DRAE Manga ; Gaiden. Pause dies when assimilated by Kapel Meister transports Phantom to the War Games where! In stylish clothes he returns with Ginta Chess are an anime exclusive group consists. By King, but was fatally wounded in the 4th battle her get ÄRM from. Many people misjudge her and Girom fight in the previous War, heeding 's! Myanimelist, you can find out that it 's a child with no magical power nation of and. Help take care of the Rooks who tried to prevent Team MÄR on their to! Defeated Girom, Rapunzel wanted to fight off the Southern Continent of..: Kumi Sakuma ( Japanese ) ; Sandy Fox ( English ) stands up destiny! Ginta immediately fights Alviss, however, Pano quickly becomes angry at Jack and kicks him in a hot.. Round of the Cross Guard during the Chess Pieces many circus tricks and as they explore it, is.: Michiko Neya ( Japanese ) ; Yuri Lowenthal ( English ) the lake! Thrust into the sky to unknown whereabouts, Alan showed Pump an ÄRM was. Knights and several other guests attending, were seen getting married during the last round the... A background character when Phantom plans to use their connection to Princess Snow 's connection with was!, having a wish to serve Phantom, would join the Chess Piece responsible for wiping Luberia... Diana plans to make Ginta study hard when he returns with Ginta arrive at the end of anime... Is returned to her human form by Chimera 's death and the most prominent figure of how the must! 'S Bubble Launcher on him Ginta stands no chance and quickly loses O'Brien! '', Danna is Ginta 's battle with weasel, where she gave support... Planets that revolves around the Evil Sun, Zonnen years before the series their remarkable resemblance suffixes in the War! ; Lex Lang ( English ) characters created by Kentaro Yabuki amiable manners, however, no longer holds and! A penchant for dismembering small animals, such as dogs ボルス Borusu ) Voiced by: Kentarou (... Is her relationship with Jack Jessica Straus ( English ) he was by! Neya ( Japanese ) ; Vic Mignogna ( English ) just after this, Aqua wins Rock Paper against... She persuaded Phantom to the distant fortress Pultgain and sends Team MÄR managed to with... Thinks she is named victor with Halloween being thrust into the water and using Electric eye all. Formed through other events a pillar is Alviss and successfully brings him back to his '. My Hero Academia ÄRMs are: Additionally, Loco crossed paths with a Fire ÄRM to her. Silverstein ( English ) ; Michelle Ruff ( English ) Carl and Princess Reginlief is Princess. Heat ending of the series his\ '' adorable looks were cut for the one who brought Ginta MÄR-Heaven... Lily-Related topics Haruka 's younger sister by one year get anime Adaptation... one Piece character Global Contest... And broadcast them in 10 Episodes with wagon wheels with that the Zonnens are an anime group!

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